Injury Rehabilitation - protecting your body through life

Services I offer:

  • Injury assessment and examination

  • Injury treatment and rehabilitation

  • Pitch side first aid

Injury is common is today's society, whether through work, home or your sporting life, but why live with the pain?


At Sports Care Therapy, I offer initial consultations, where the injury is examined and assessed to determine the nature and severity. From here, treatment and rehabilitation programmes are provided, to ensure your full care and recovery. These are tailored to suit you and your needs, allowing the treatment for your injury to fit in around your work and social life.

Injury Treatment Rehabilitation Poole Bournemouth Sport Therapy

Prices are as follows:

45min Examination and Assessment        £30

30min Treatment and Rehabilitation       £25

Basic Injury Treatment

As soon as an injury occurs, whether a sprained ankle or muscle tear, there is an initial treatment protocol, which is to be performed every day for up to one week post injury:

Sports Injury Treatment Poole Bournemouth